Saturday, January 6, 2007

Launching Post

This is one article from my blog. To see more articles on my full blog click here! Launching this Blog is to coincide with the beginning of the new years ( both Hijri 1428, and Gregorian 2007), my graduation, thus the launch of my professional career, and the new radio segment I will be hosting on Tuesday, January 15, 2007. My name is Omar Mahfoudhi, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Educated at the University of Ottawa, in the field of Environmental Science (Biodiversity Conservation) graduating in December 2006. My interests include ecological integrity, sustainability, GIS, global change, and ecological and environmental education. I come from a family of wonderful people, all of whom I am very proud of and are blooming brightly in their own respect. I share my life with my gracious, inspiring, and God fearing wife of two years (at this time, January 2007). The goal of this Blog is to be a contributing light with the humble knowledge that I've gained to add to the many lights illuminating the way for the betterment of Our world. I stand for peace, equality, justice, knowledge, and above all the reverence of God.